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4 Ways to Keep Your Family Active this Winter

Our healthcare practitioners at the Health Centre of Milton agree that staying active is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The latest recommendations suggest that children age 5-17 should spend at least 60 minutes per day participating in a variety of aerobic activities (like running, skipping, swimming) at a moderate to vigorous level (enough to start breathing heavy and get your heart beating faster), in addition to several hours of light physical activity (structured or not)1. However, we understand that when the cold weather comes, it can be challenging to find ways to keep your family active. Therefore, below are a few ideas of how you can stay active and have some family fun close to home this winter season:

  1. Outdoor skating – grab your skates and wear lots of layers! Skating outside is a great aerobic activity that is enjoyable for children of all ages. Be sure to dress warm and wear your helmets.
    1. Available at the following locations this winter season (weather permitting):
      1. Campbellville (Old) Ball Park – 105 Campbell Avenue East
      2. Rotary Park – 100 Garden Lane (off Mill Street)
    2. Please visit milton.ca/en/play/skating.asp for details and updates regarding rink conditions and closures.
  2. Tobogganing – riding down hills is both exciting and a workout (especially when you have to climb back up to the top!) Be sure to always inspect the hill before tobogganing: make sure it is not covered in ice, there is no debris or trees along your path, and the bottom of the hill is clear and nowhere near a street or parking lot with potential for moving cars. Tobogganing is safest with the supervision of adults – and it is always important to use a proper toboggan or sled.
    1. Hills can be found at the following locations:
      1. Food Basics Hill – near the corner of Laurier Ave. and Ontario St.
      2. Sixteen Mile Creek – near Commercial St. and Laurier Ave.
      3. Livingston Park, Milton – parking available at the end of Margaret St.
      4. Lowville Park – 6207 Lowville Park Road, Burlington, ON
      5. Check out tobogganhills.com for other hills near you!
  1. Skiing and Hit the slopes with your family this winter at Milton’s very own Glen Eden! Visit www.gleneden.on.ca for information regarding schedules, pricing, rentals, and lessons.
  2. Snowshoeing or cross country skiing at Crawford Lake. Both are great winter sports to get your heart pumping. Contact the park for more details regarding hours, prices, rentals, and events. Information and contact numbers can be found at http://www.conservationhalton.ca/park-details?park=crawford-lake

Remember to always dress warm, wear the appropriate gear, and be sure to check weather and snow conditions prior to leaving. We hope that you and your family have a safe, active, and happy winter season!

alana-physiotherapist-milton-2Alana Boyczuk HBSc Kin, MSc PT

Resident Physiotherapist, Alana Boyczuk at the Health Centre of Milton developed a keen interest in human movement, sport injury, and rehabilitation during her many years of playing elite level soccer. Alana’s dream of joining the physiotherapy profession began after experiencing first hand the difference a physiotherapist can make in helping patients achieve their goals. We are excited to have Alana join the team at our office to meet the community’s physiotherapy needs.

1.) Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (2016) – 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth (aged 5-17 years). From: http://www.csep.ca/en/guidelines/24-hour-movement-guidelines

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