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Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic Treatments

A Chiropractor uses Chiropractic treatments, non-invasive hands on manual therapy, to relieve neuromuculoskeletal disorders such as simple back pain, pain due to arthritis and more.


Our Chiropractors most commonly see patients with back pain however we are equipped with other modalities such as acupuncture and cold laser in addition to myofascial/muscle techniques and spinal manipulation to treat all areas of the body.

Our goal is to help restore function and get you back into the swing of your daily activities.


Treatment starts at your initial visit with the Chiropractor:

  1. a history taking
  2. a physical (orthopaedic testing)
  3. a diagnosis
  4. a plan of care consisting of combining; soft tissue work, ice/heat, electrical modalities, acupuncture, stretching, strengthening, joint mobilization or manipulation, education for posture, diet, exercise and more.

Our Chiropractors offer two types of care:

  1. Wellness care: Three types of stresses lead to tension in the body. These are physical stresses (eg. Wear and tear which lead to arthritis), chemical stresses (eg. Dietary choices), and emotional stresses (eg. Work or family issues). Chiropractic care keeps muscles and spinal joints working properly. This decreases tension in the body and alleviates stress on the nervous system, leading to improved function and health of all the body’s systems. We will also help you to identify the stresses in your life that lead to the tension, and help motivate you to make changes to remove them.
  2. Pain Relief/Injury Rehabilitation: Chiropractic treatment provides neck and back pain relief, sciatica treatment, pain relief from arthritis and recovery from any upper or lower limb injuries. These can include WSIB injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or any other musculoskeletal crisis.

Plan of care may also suggest:

  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • Custom foot orthotics (Your Medical Doctor or Podiatrist may prescribe)
  • Dietary or herbal supplements by the Naturopath
  • Functional and rehabilitation exercises through physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture performed by the Chiropractor, Physio, or Naturopath

If you have more questions about Chiropractic care whether it’s for back pain, arthritis or something else, we invite you call the Health Centre of Milton to book a complimentary consultation with a Chiropractor today.