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Dr. Lee’s Favourite Post Exercise Protein Shake

What do you put in your Protein Shake?

This past weekend our team was on site volunteering at the Milton MS Walk. Our very own Naturopath,  Dr. Lee laced up to end MS and took part in the 10Km run. She succeeded in raising close to $250 for the MS Society and met her race time goals. A big congratulations to her! After her run Dr. Lee pulled out her recovery shake and I had to ask what her favourite blend was.  Here’s the breakdown of her recovery shake below:

1 Scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein

½ A Bannana

½ Cup of frozen strawberries

¼ Of an Avacado

A handful of fresh spinach

6 to 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk

Dr. Lee chose a performance protein to help repair and build her muscles and reduce recovery time between exercising. For more information and advice about what is best for you please consult your health care provider or consider making naturopathic medicine a part of your health care team.

Protein Shake contents shared by Dr. Tanya Lee ND

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