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Mom and Baby Yoga + Infant Massage

We had a wonderful morning with some Milton Moms who learnt how to soothe and connect with their baby!

We were happy to have Nelia DeAmaral and Dr. Sarah provide a two for one workshop on Thursday October 3rd. Nelia is a doula and yoga instructor from Birth with Care. She lead the moms and their babes through a specially designed yoga class. Mom and baby worked together to help mom regain core strength, release tight back and shoulder muscles, experience relaxation and stress relief along connecting with their baby.

Part two of the workshop included an infant massage class led by Dr. Sarah Chajka, Chiropractor at the Health Centre of Milton. The babies benefited from the massage as it helps develop their body mind awareness and co-ordination, it enhances the baby’s feelings of love, respect and safety. Furthermore infant massage can help promote relaxation which in turn can improve sleep, digestion and weight gain. The oils used in the class also help improve skin conditions. Moms benefited from infant massage by learning some of their baby’s non verbal cues along with having a special moment to relax and bond with their baby. Check back for our next workshop date.


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