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Our Thearpists Go Rock Climbing

As a registered massage therapist at the Health Centre of Milton I often advise clients to stretch after any physical activity to prevent injury and improve their overall health. I recently had a client ask me what muscles they should stretch before and after rock climbing. Laughingly I said I would get back to them with accurate stretches after our health team went for a fun day of indoor rock climbing at Climbers Rock in Burlington. Climbers Rock was awesome for giving us tips when climbing. We started the day with a lesson to gain confidence with the ropes and equipment. After we all passed the training we were set to start climbing. As a beginner I found that my muscles were fatigued and sore after a few climbs and that rock climbing is truly a full body workout! I highly recommend it and hope to go back someday and improve my technique. From the experience I can say that some of the key muscles to stretch after your climbing adventure would include your latissimus dorsi, the muscle you use to pull yourself up the wall. Biceps brachii also used to pull up and stabilize on the wall. Forearm flexors that flex your fingers and hang onto the holds and surprisingly your gastrocnemius and soleus used to push up and balance on small toe holds. If you would like more information on stretching these or any other muscle for other sports please come and visit our team or ask me at your next massage therapy appointment.

Written by Gail Hamilton RMT



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