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Prenatal Massage: Relief and Relaxation

We are expecting…

I’m sure other women have felt the same when I say that pregnancy can be a very demanding time. As a chiropractor it was a no brainer that I would be choosing to receive both chiropractic and massage therapy treatments throughout my pregnancy. But not everyone knows about the benefits of receiving care throughout pregnancy and some may even be hesitant or have questions about how a pregnant woman can be treated. Today I will share my experience and give you some more information about the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy.

First and foremost massage therapy can help relieve back, muscle and sciatic nerve pain. Hooray! Pregnancy alters a women’s posture significantly and that posture can’t be changed until the birth of the baby. But treatments can help prevent and manage such aches and pains common with pregnancy.

Prenatal massage can also help improve maternal mood, decrease stress hormones, decrease depression and decrease anxiety. Consider a massage a treat for yourself. Self-care is important especially as you prepare to give birth and prepare for the exciting months to follow. Improving your mood also has the potential to positively impact neonatal health.

Many people have asked me “how would I even lie on a massage table?” In the early months of my pregnancy I was able to lie on a pillow which had a hole in it for my tummy to fit into. Over time as my tummy grew larger the massage therapists have positioned me on my side with pillows to support my legs. And surprisingly a sidelying massage is actually lovely! Massage therapist are professionally trained to work with you to develop an effective and safe massage treatment plan that can complement the care you are receiving from your obstetrician/midwife and other healthcare providers.

All the registered massage therapists at the Health Centre of Milton perform prenatal massage. I encourage you to take the time to treat yourself if you too are expecting.

Written by Dr. Sarah Chajka

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