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Running from the Cold & Flu Season?

Dr. Tanya Lee is holding a Flu Prevention Clinic

What is it all about?
Naturally boost your immune system to help prevent and reduce symptoms of the cold and flu with an immune health assessment with our Naturopath, Dr. Tanya Lee. This includes a 30 minute health assessment, basic cold and flu home treatment recommendations, as well as 3 doses of our immune boosting shot; Passcoleucyn (can be taken orally as well).

The Health Centre of Milton

When should you schedule an appointment?
Schedule an appointment before the end of October

How much does it cost?
$105 (most extended health care plans cover naturopathic medicine)

*** Please note this treatment DOES NOT claim to suitably replace the conventional flu shot recommended by your medical doctor ***

Call the Health Centre of Milton today at 905-878-8131 to book your appointment with Dr. Tanya Lee.

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