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Top 3 Tips to Improve your Workspace

Office work causing you pain? Try some of these following tips to ensure your workspace fits your needs!

1) Chair Set-Up: Set chair height to a height in which the desk is level with your elbows when they are bent to 90° by your side (if you have a keyboard tray, set the chair height so the tray is level with your elbows). Use a foot rest as needed to ensure knees and hips are both at 90° angles. Allow three finger widths between the edge of the seat pad and the back of your legs. Choose a chair with good lumbar support and adjust the backrest up or down to support your lower back. Raise or lower arm rests on the chair so they are 2 centimeters above elbow height with elbows at 90° by your side.

2) Desk Set-Up: Place objects used more often (e.g. phone) closer to the edge of the desk.

3) Monitor Set-Up: Adjust the height of the monitor so the top of the monitor is at eye level. Place monitor at a distance of one arm length from your chair and tilt the monitor to provide the lease amount of reflective lighting.

Extras: Attempt to use the computer mouse with your non-dominant hand (this will take 2-3 weeks to become accustomed to). Take 30 second micro breaks for every 30 minutes of work (perform chin tucks; squeeze shoulder blades together; arch back; look away from the monitor and focus on objects in the distance).

Written by Nicole Weishar, MScPT (Physiotherapist at the Health Centre of Milton)

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