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Free Hot Chocolate

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Milton Santa Claus Parade Join us on Sunday November 20th as we open up the clinic and welcome parade spectators to enjoy a complimentary hot chocolate. When: November 20th 2016 Parade starts at 1:30 What: Milton Santa Claus Parade Where: Health Centre of Milton (Main and Ontario) For more information please see the official webpage for the parade.

How to Enjoy a Healthy Autumn and Winter

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Finding balance in Changing with the seasons using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the days get shorter, the drop in temperatures and windy days we know we are in the midst of a change of seasons. The seasons in Chinese medicine are not events that are separate from us, but are integrated into our lives as the internal changes of our mind and body (organ systems, emotional selves and habits we have formed) reflect the external environmental changes around us. “In ancient times those people who understood Tao (the way of self cultivation) patterned themselves upon the Yin and the Yang (the two principles in nature) and they lived in harmony” The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine – approx. 475-221 BC Our ability to change with the seasons reflects in our health and happiness. Unfortunately our external environment Read More

Momstown Milton Members Boost Their Metabolism

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Momstown Milton Health and Wellness Challenge Dr. Tanya Lee, Naturopathic doctor from the Health Centre of Milton, will be guest speaking at the Momstown Milton Health and Wellness Challenge. She will be onsite to talk about the reasons why it may be difficult for someone to lose weight, despite efforts towards optimal nutrition and exercise. She will educate you on ways naturopathic medicine can help optimize your metabolism through balancing hormones, digestion and decreasing stress. Thanks to Momstown for inviting us to participate.

Swaddle Me Safely

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What’s all the fuss about swaddling? There is nothing more comforting for a newborn baby than to be swaddled up snuggly in a blanket and held in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. But, the question of safety of this age-old comfort method has been on the minds of mommies lately. What’s all the fuss about? As newborn infants, our hips are immature. As our skeletons mature from cartilage to bone, our hip sockets grow. The formation of proper deep, round, hip sockets depends on the proper placement of the thigh-bone (femur) in the developing socket (acetabulum). Certain methods of swaddling place baby’s hip in a risky position, increasing the chance of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). Dysplasia simply means malfomation – in this case, of the acetabulum. With, DDH the head of the femur may be partially or fully dislocated Read More

Running from the Cold & Flu Season?

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Dr. Tanya Lee is holding a Flu Prevention Clinic What is it all about? Naturally boost your immune system to help prevent and reduce symptoms of the cold and flu with an immune health assessment with our Naturopath, Dr. Tanya Lee. This includes a 30 minute health assessment, basic cold and flu home treatment recommendations, as well as 3 doses of our immune boosting shot; Passcoleucyn (can be taken orally as well). Where? The Health Centre of Milton When should you schedule an appointment? Schedule an appointment before the end of October How much does it cost? $105 (most extended health care plans cover naturopathic medicine) *** Please note this treatment DOES NOT claim to suitably replace the conventional flu shot recommended by your medical doctor *** Call the Health Centre of Milton today at 905-878-8131 to book your appointment Read More