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Health Centre of Milton believes that to treat your aches and pains to the best of our ability, we need to make sure we consider every factor of your life. This includes teaching you how to take an active role in your health and providing a combination of treatments from several disciplines, including chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine.

With our inter-disciplinary health and rehabilitation clinic and highly trained health professionals, we believe we can help you improve your well-being.

If you have any questions about us and your well-being, please take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.


  • Why Should I Choose You?

    Health Centre of Milton is all about personalizing your care in an environment that feels comforting and relaxing. We offer a large team of diverse, friendly health professionals, and our approach to your treatment is holistic, often combining several therapies to boost your healing. This can include a variety of modalities, such as ultrasound, cold laser, and interferential current.

    Your treatment doesn’t stop at our centre either! We strive to provide you with tools and techniques that you can use at home while receiving routine treatment with us. To make sure our schedule works best for you, we are open evenings and weekends.

  • Shouldn’t Feeling Some Pain Be Normal?

    No, that sensation is never normal. It’s a signal that our body uses to alert us to the fact that a problem is developing or a limit has been reached. While your body can naturally adapt to many issues and your pain may fade entirely, you should never ignore it or leave it alone. Chances are, if you choose to leave the issue alone, it may get worse, which can make it more difficult and expensive to fix.

  • If I Go to a Naturopathic Doctor, What Could They Treat?

    Naturopathic doctors are general practitioners, so they treat a variety of conditions for people of all ages. They can help you deal with acute conditions like upper respiratory infections and chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

    To further boost your healing when you’re in need of some conventional medical care, they will work with other health professionals, such as your family doctor. However, you don’t have to need healing to see a naturopathic doctor. They will also work with healthy patients who need support to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle through preventative measures.

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