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Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings for women and men to improve poor blood circulation in legs and feet, prevent blood clots in legs and help your varicose vein treatment.

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Custom or Ready Fit

Ready Fit Knee Braces


Knee brace is a brace that extends above and below the knee joint and is generally worn to support or align the knee.

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Custom Orthotic

custom orthotics





A custom foot orthotic is a device that can be discretely inserted into a shoe to support, align, or accommodate foot deformities or poor foot mechanics.

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Obusforme – Comfort & Support for your Whole Body

obusformeObusforme has achieved success by applying the science of ergonomics and a professional understanding of the human body to every product they develop. Through extensive research and development they take a holistic approach to crafting products that respond to your body’s every need.


Chiroflow – Premium Waterbase Pillow

chiroflow waterbase pillow

  • Clinically proven to improve sleep quality
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night
  • Rejuvenates skin and reverses the negative effects of fatigue


Analgesics – Biofreeze, Traumeel, Sombra

analgesiscsOnce a muscle or joint is injured, regular exercise is typically the key to rehabilitation. But when pain limits a body’s ability to exercise, the healing process takes longer. Analgesic products help break this pain cycle, by reliving pain through a method known as “Gate Control,” or “gating”. In the gating process, menthol acts to stimulate specific sensory receptors in the skin, thereby blocking other receptors from sending pain signals to the brain.


Neutriceuticals – Prescribed by the Naturopathic Doctor

seroyalNutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) and Genestra Brands are the two main nutritional, herbal and homeopathic products. They are synergistically formulated to allow for optimal bioavailability and efficacy.