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As a centre dedicated to helping you heal, Health Centre of Milton takes great pride in our work. You might wonder what difference our work makes compared to other centres, but you can see for yourself by reading the following patient testimonials.

  • Staff Are Highly Trained and Very Professional

    My experience with the Health Centre of Milton was amazing! All the staff are highly trained and very professional. I felt relaxed and put back together each time I left the clinic. They are convenient to book an appointment with and were always able to accommodate me. I've used all their services and would recommend this clinic to everyone.

    —Maham S.

  • Getting to Sleep Is Much Easier

    Just finished my 3rd Acupuncture treatment with Matthew Richardson, After 3 treatments my back and hip pain is almost gone. I have much more mobility in my back and walking is not painful. Getting to sleep is also much easier without the back pain. Glad I was able to find a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Halton that my insurance company would cover.

    —Steve G.

  • They Truly Want to See You Get Better

    Sarah and Dan Chajka by far the best in town... I've tried a few and they are truly invested in your well being. They go above and beyond to not only treat you but teach you and coach you in your road to wellness. It will not be your typical in and out chiro visit... Be prepared to learn how your body works. They are not interested in taking your money, setting you on a plan and have you as a patient for life. They truly want to see you get better. Health Centre of Milton is the way to go.

    —Laura R. K.

  • Dr. Becky’s Helpful Approach and Positive Energy Have Always Been Greatly Appreciated

    I have been seeing Dr. Becky for a couple of years and even followed her to this clinic when she started to practice here. Her helpful approach and positive energy have always been greatly appreciated. She is truly concerned and focused on her patient’s well-being; always wanting the best of mind & body for her clients.

    —Cheri R.

  • If You Are Looking for a Chiropractic Clinic in Town, Consider This One

    I'd like to send a big shout out to Sarah Chajka at The Health Centre of Milton for taking such good care of me the past years. If you are looking for a chiropractic clinic in town, consider this one. Dr. Dan (her husband) was recommended to me years ago by a good family friend who teaches at the chiropractic college and Ive never looked back!

    —Melanie B. R.

  • I Love My Chiropractor’s Care

    I love the clean look of the office and its quiet efficiency and telephone reminders. But best of all I love my chiropractor’s care. She listens carefully and she is genuinely concerned about restoring me to my maximum mobility. Thanks Dr. Becky!

    —J. P.

  • We Have Found Everyone at the Health Centre of Milton Extremely Knowledgeable and Friendly

    I am so grateful to know that I can bring both my daughters to Dr. Patterson for their chiropractic needs. Both of my daughters are athletes and often things get thrown out of place. Being under her care has been amazing. We have found everyone at the Health Centre of Milton extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

    —Jackie C.

  • I Feel Confident that I am Setting Up a Foundation of Good Health for My Daughter

    Being a long-time patient of Dr. Sarah, it was a no-brainer to bring my 3-month-old daughter in for a check up. I knew Dr. Sarah would be professional and thorough and I entrusted her to provide safe and gentle care for my baby. I feel confident that I am setting up a foundation of good health for my daughter with Dr. Sarah’s help.

    —R. B.

  • With Help, I Not Only Made It to the Race, but Crossed the Finish Line with a Smile

    My first attempt at running a half-marathon was thwarted by a back injury. When I took on the challenge again, I knew I had to enlist the help of a professional to reach my goal. I had some lofty hopes for a finishing time and I knew that I needed to be at the peak of my game not just for race day, but throughout the training process. With Dr. Dan’s help, I not only made it to the race, but crossed the finish line with a smile! Thanks Dr. Dan!

    —B. P.

  • I’ve Noticed HUGE Improvements

    Dr Sarah is FANTASTIC! I'd been skeptical of going to a chiropractor but have had plantar fasciitis on and off for 10 years and nothing was working. She took her time, did a full body analysis and with her seeing her twice a week for 2 weeks, I've noticed HUGE improvements!!! I'm now running pain free on one side and minimal pain on the other! She's in the M&M's plaza on Main Street, at the Health Centre of Milton. Highly, highly recommend her!


  • They Treat My Five-Year-Old for Migraines

    We go see Dr. Sarah Bergen and Dr. Dan Chajka... Health Centre of Milton, #905-878-8131...ask to speak with Teressa (she is wonderful)...ask all the questions you need and if she is unable to answer them they will have one of the chiro's call you back! They treat my five-year-old for migraines!

    —Vanessa and Olivia’s mom

  • It Is Honestly Worth Checking Out

    It may be too late but I want to give you the name of my chiropractor. His name is daniel aka Dr. Dan. (905) 878-8131. He now operates the WELLNESS Centre which is located in the same plaza as M&M at the southwest corner of Ontario and Main St. He is young, eager and very good at his work. There are also a few other "modalities" operated within the centre (massage, naturopath, etc). It is honestly worth checking out. He is very Thorough!

    —Name of a Happy Client Withheld

We are always particularly pleased to hear back from our patients. If you have some feedback you’d like to share, please contact us.

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